Baobab Donna Candle- Max 24


Baobab Donna Candle- Max 24


An ode to Donna Summers, also known as the queen of Disco. Inspired by Donna Summers’ feline allure, the Donna scented candle is poured into a glass container with a handmade metallic set of colors ranging from a copper gold to a deep blue. The fragrance is Berries- Leather - Tuberose. 


About the Brand

The Baobab Collection germinated in Tanzania, and is heavily influenced by Tanzania's intense colours and fragrances. Now based in Belgium, each candle in the Baobab Collection luxuriates in standing out of the ordinary with sensual olfactory experiences and designs that become statement pieces.


  • Edible mineral wax made in Germany
  • Fragrance created in Grasse, France
  • Glass container is handcrafted in Poland
  • Burn Time: approximately 600 hours
  • Fragrance: Berries, Leather, Tuberose
  • Limited Edition
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